Just like many of you.


Just like many of you, I was also under speculation about whether or not to work in a startup company. The term startup was very foreign to me because no one in college and in entrance coaching institute ever mentioned about it. They tamed us to score well and get into some MNC and that life is settled after that. But any how, here I am sitting in Codesap, a startup company and enjoying every minute of the day I get to work here. Today, I wanted to share my experience of how it is like working in a startup company, how different it is from a corporate one and what can you achieve if you choose startup over corporate . For starters, the environment is so fresh that you will almost forget that you are actually working. If coding is your passion then worry not, this is the perfect place to be. It is a unique experience where your innovation and smart work grows the business which then turns you into a more confident and powerful person. The important thing that separates a corp