What it is like to work at a Startup Company


Just like many of you, I was also under speculation about whether or not to work in a startup company. The term startup was very foreign to me because no one in college and in the entrance coaching institute ever mentioned it. They tamed us to score well and get into some MNC and that life is settled after that. But anyhow, here I am sitting in Codesap, a startup company and enjoying every minute of the day I get to work here. Today, I wanted to share my experience of how it is like working in a startup company, how different it is from a corporate one and what can you achieve if you choose a startup over corporate . The Good For starters, the environment is so fresh that you will almost forget that you are actually working. If coding is your passion then worry not, this is the perfect place to be. It is a unique experience where your innovation and smart work grows the business which then turns you into a more confident and powerful person. The important thing that separates a corporate firm from a startup one in a big way is that you are constantly working on something new and never get bored of your work. The responsibility on each employee’s shoulders is a lot mainly because of the lower number of employees. This actually helps you attain a certain amount of confidence that you never know existed within you before. The founders and employees work together so you are bound to gain a lot of knowledge as there is no middle management. The freedom to work in the way you are most comfortable with definitely attracts me more to this style of company. You don't have to answer to a supervisor for every small decision you make. The sheer desire of growth motivates you and helps you make smart decisions and take responsibility for the consequences. This one is going to be a bit difficult to digest but the competition is so tough that most startups get closed down before even spreading a single feather let alone wings. The industry is ever growing and competitors are racing against each other. So the pressure is definitely on to keep up in this fast lane. But the positive workspace that our founders maintain and the dynamic energy that flows within it drives us to be always on top of our games. They started with a mission to make Codesap one of the leading IT companies in town and three years down the line we are one step closer to our aim each day. The happiness in growing the company together and the connection in sharing its ups and downs ties us more than a team - we become a family.